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3 Reasons To Say “Goodbye!” To A Car With Internal Engine Damage

15 April 2020
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"It's your engine." If you drive a late model car, then hearing those words can be almost as painful as receiving bad news from the doctor. On the spectrum of automotive troubles, internal damage to an engine is pretty close to a worst-case scenario. It can be tempting to try to suck it up and get your car back on the road, but this is often a costly mistake. Rather than handing over the dough to keep your car limping along, it may be time to put your old car out to pasture. Read More …

3 Steps To Follow Before You Junk Your Car

13 April 2020
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Is your junk car sitting around and getting in the way? Get rid of it to receive some quick cash. You can sell the junk vehicle at the auto salvage shop, but before you do so, you should take the following three steps. 1. Call Around to Get Price Quotes Different auto salvage spots are willing to accept junk cars while providing cash for these vehicles. However, the cash provided varies from one place to the next. Read More …

How To Buy Used Auto Parts With Complete Confidence

6 April 2020
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If you need to purchase a part for your vehicle, you might consider buying a used auto part. You'll be able to save a lot of money compared to buying something brand-new. Since the part will be used, though, you need to take this advice when completing this automotive transaction. Find True Value Even though you're saving money by buying a used auto part, you can still save even more by finding out the part's true value. Read More …

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