3 Reasons To Say "Goodbye!" To A Car With Internal Engine Damage

3 Reasons To Say "Goodbye!" To A Car With Internal Engine Damage

15 April 2020
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"It's your engine." If you drive a late model car, then hearing those words can be almost as painful as receiving bad news from the doctor. On the spectrum of automotive troubles, internal damage to an engine is pretty close to a worst-case scenario. It can be tempting to try to suck it up and get your car back on the road, but this is often a costly mistake.

Rather than handing over the dough to keep your car limping along, it may be time to put your old car out to pasture. Before you throw more good money into your ailing automotive friend, consider these three reasons that it may be time to junk your car.

1. Rebuilds Are Extremely Costly

When an internal part on your engine fails, the most cost-effective solution is often to pull the motor apart and perform a rebuild. Unfortunately, cost-effective is a somewhat relative term in this case. An engine rebuild can cost a couple thousand dollars, sometimes rivaling the cost of an entirely new motor. Even if money isn't tight, a four-figure repair bill can often be a tough pill to swallow.

In addition to the cost, it's also crucial to consider the age of your vehicle. Newer cars rarely suffer from mechanical engine damage, and cold logic says that it's rarely worth pumping more money into a car than it's worth. If you can only value your vehicle at a few thousand dollars on a good day, it's worth thinking long and hard about putting several thousand dollars into a repair.

2. Used Engines Are A Risky Option

If you don't want to pay to rebuild your engine, then a used replacement might be a good option, right? Unfortunately, many used motors only come with relatively short warranties. Since the cost of purchasing and installing a used engine also tends to be reasonably high, this path can easily lead to even more expensive repairs in the future.

3. Your Car May Never Be The Same

Even if the cost isn't enough to deter you, it's worth considering that your car may never drive the same again. Rebuilding a worn-out engine can add some extra life, but you may never be able to restore its factory power and fuel efficiency fully. With the price of these repairs being so high, it's worth considering whether a rebuilt or used motor truly makes sense.

Although it can be painful to part with a beloved vehicle, junking a car with internal engine damage is often the best course of action. By saying "goodbye" for good, you'll free yourself to purchase a newer, more reliable vehicle without continuing to pump money into a lost cause. Look for someone who will buy your junk car

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