3 Steps To Follow Before You Junk Your Car

3 Steps To Follow Before You Junk Your Car

13 April 2020
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Is your junk car sitting around and getting in the way? Get rid of it to receive some quick cash. You can sell the junk vehicle at the auto salvage shop, but before you do so, you should take the following three steps.

1. Call Around to Get Price Quotes

Different auto salvage spots are willing to accept junk cars while providing cash for these vehicles. However, the cash provided varies from one place to the next. Even if you are in a rush to sell the vehicle and get some cash, you should still take a few minutes to call around and get price quotes from several of these auto salvage places. Once you have received the price quotes, you can sell your junk car to the place that is willing to offer you the most for it. During your phone call, someone working at these different auto salvage spots may want to know the age and specific make of the vehicle.

2. Find Out When You Would Receive the Cash

Most auto salvage spots will offer you cash before taking the vehicle. You would receive the cash in hand during the exchange. Some companies might want to write out a check. You should sell your vehicle to a place where you will receive immediate cash instead of waiting around to get paid for the vehicle you are turning in. When you are on the phone with the places to find out how much they can offer for your junk car, it is the best time to ask them exactly when you would receive the cash for your junk car.

3. Arrange a Pick-Up or Drop-Off

You might be able to arrange a pick-up date or a drop-off date. If someone from the auto salvage company needs to come to you to get the vehicle, they may reduce the amount of cash offered to you due to the additional work involved. If you have a way to drop the vehicle off at the lot, you may receive more cash for it, but this is something you would need to talk to the owner of the auto salvage lot about beforehand.

Selling a junk car is a simple way to get some cash for a vehicle that does not work anymore. Before you sell it, get price quotes from different companies, find out when you will receive your cash, and then drop the vehicle off or have it picked up.

To learn more about how to junk your car, contact a local auto salvage service.

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