Dealing With Fuel Injection System Problems On Your Car Or Truck

Dealing With Fuel Injection System Problems On Your Car Or Truck

1 June 2022
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Electronic fuel injection has become the fuel delivery system of choice for most cars and trucks in the last few years. These systems are highly efficient, but they can be challenging to repair when they are not working correctly. Getting the proper fuel injection system parts is critical for your specific vehicle to ensure everything works together correctly. 

Common Problems

When you are dealing with electronic fuel injection problems, there are some common things that can occur that will affect the way the vehicle performs. Fuel injection systems that use a throttle body injector that sits on top of the engine may experience flow rate issues that reduce or increase fuel and air flowing into the engine. Often this is the result of a throttle position sensor or the mass airflow sensor on the throttle body.

These sensors can be tested and replaced, but the test involves taking ohms readings in several positions and is most effectively done with a diagnostic computer set up to read the information from the vehicle's computer. While you can replace the fuel inject systems parts without testing them, it is improbable that you will get the correct part the first time, and the result could be replacing parts that are not necessary. 

Cars with direct injection still use a throttle body to flow air into the engine, but the fuel is mixed in downstream, inside the intake manifold. If an injector fails, the same situation, a rich or lean condition that arises with TBI (throttle body injection), can occur, but will typically be limited to one cylinder. Replacing the injector is often the solution, but determining which one is faulty will usually require diagnostic testing by a repair shop. 

Buying Parts

When you buy replacement fuel injection system parts for your vehicle, it is vital that you replace the OE (original equipment) parts with ones designed to function the same way. Auto parts stores and dealerships often offer the parts you need, but larger parts providers may have a more extensive selection of parts at varying prices.

Vehicles that do not have any engine modifications will not benefit from changing the fuel injection system parts to higher-priced parts or performance options. Replacing injectors or sensors with exact replacements can save you some money, ensure the car or truck will run properly, and fix your problem. 

It is essential to check the parts to ensure they are the same and ask about their warranty. Parts that are low priced but have little to no warranty are typically not a bargain, and spending a little more for parts you know are going to work and last is often the best alternative.

For more information about fuel injection system parts, contact an auto part service in your area.

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