A Comprehensive Guide To Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion

A Comprehensive Guide To Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion

15 December 2021
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Drum brakes have been the go-to option for many vehicle manufacturers for decades. They are still being installed in modern vehicles today because of their affordability and longevity. However, if your automobile uses them, you understand they have their fair share of problems, including poor performance in wet weather and high susceptibility to rust. All these make front drum brakes likely to fail, hence the need to convert to auto disc brakes. Keep reading to learn more about front disc brake conversion and what you need to execute the task.

Fundamentals of Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion

Disc brake conversion is a task you can DIY efficiently, especially if you know your automobile's brake parts well. If you are unsure or feel your skills are inadequate, let a reputable mechanic help you out. Either way, both mechanics and DIY enthusiasts approach can convert drum brakes to front disc brakes by following these steps:

1.       Remove the old drum brakes

Replacing your vehicle's front drum brakes starts with removing the wheels. To do that, loosen your automobile's lug nuts, then raise and secure the car on jack stands. Once that is done, you can now expose the drum brakes by removing the front wheel. Drum brakes often contain brake dust; therefore, you should use a dust mask and work in an area with adequate ventilation.

If your car has unscrewed brakes, removing them involves moving the drums back and forth and simultaneously pulling them away from the hub. Try using more force if you notice any signs of rust that may lead to sticking. But, if the brakes have screws, unscrew them before tackling the braking system. Now, clean the drum brake assembly, including the wheel cylinder, springs, and shoes, using an appropriate brake cleaner. Once you've done that, you can now disassemble the system and remove the drum brakes.

2.       Install the new front disc brakes

Front disc brake installation is quite straightforward. Start by connecting the rotor to the spindle. Then, slip on the bearing, nut, washer, and cotton pin. Afterward, add the dust cap to the assembly. When you're through with that, put on the new brake lines, attach the pads, and, finally, assemble the caliper on the rotor. Before reattaching the wheels, it's advisable to bleed the assembly to eradicate any air trapped in the brake line. Plus, always refresh the brake fluid during front disc brake conversion.

Buy a Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Upgrading to front disc brakes comes with many benefits, including improved stopping power, smoother braking, and easier maintenance. But you need the right components to convert successfully. Fortunately, you can now buy a front disc brake conversion kit that contains everything you need, including brake pads, rotors, calipers, hoses, and brackets. 

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