What's The Difference Between Deep-Cycle And Cranking Marine Batteries?

What's The Difference Between Deep-Cycle And Cranking Marine Batteries?

4 August 2021
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Spending the day out on the lake in your own boat can be incredibly satisfying. In order to ensure that you are able to take advantage of all the electronic accessories aboard your vessel, you need to have quality marine batteries on the boat.

Selecting the right marine batteries requires a little bit of thought. There are two primary types of marine batteries: deep-cycle and cranking.

Understanding the differences between the two will help you identify which type of marine battery will best meet your boat's electrical needs.

Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries

Deep-cycle batteries feature a more compact design than their cranking counterparts. They are equipped with thick lead plates and a smaller surface area. These design features allow a deep-cycle marine battery to generate a lower amount of energy over a longer period of time.

Deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed to be recharged and discharged repeatedly over their lifespan.

Most boaters rely on deep-cycle batteries to power all of their electrical accessories out on the water. You can use a deep-cycle battery to supply power to your lights, navigation system, radar system, and radio.

Since the primary purpose of a deep-cycle battery is to generate a low amount of energy, these batteries may not have enough amperage to start the engine of your boat.

You will need to verify the cold cranking amp rating of a deep cycle battery before you can determine if this type of marine battery will be able to start your boat.

Cranking Marine Batteries

It takes a large burst of energy to supply the power needed to start the engine of any boat. Cranking batteries are designed with this purpose in mind. A cranking battery excels at creating a high burst of energy over a short period of time.

Cranking batteries are equipped with multiple lead plates, which allows the battery to accommodate the higher amperage generated.

It's best not to use a cranking battery to power your onboard electronics. If a cranking battery is discharged to the same level as a deep-cycle battery too often, the lifespan of the battery will be compromised.

Both deep-cycle and cranking marine batteries can benefit boaters. Incorporating both types of batteries into the design of your boat will allow you to take advantage of the unique benefits each can provide. Pairing deep-cycle and cranking batteries can improve the efficiency and performance of your boat's electronic systems in the future.

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