Options to Consider When Replacing the Diesel Engine in Your Truck

Options to Consider When Replacing the Diesel Engine in Your Truck

13 January 2021
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If you drive a truck with a diesel engine that needs replacing, the idea of replacing the truck may not appeal to you, but replacing the engine might be a better option for you. Installing remanufactured diesel engines in older trucks that are still in good shape but need a new engine is a way to keep the truck, refresh the engine, and save some money in the process. Read on to learn more.

Locating an Engine

If you are thinking about putting a rebuilt engine in your truck, you need to find a shop that sells remanufactured diesel engines and has one that will fit in your truck. The engine may not have to be the same as the original engine, but it is easiest to stick to one that was at least optional for your truck, so you know it is compatible with the chassis. 

If you want to upgrade to an engine with more power or torque, let the engine supply know, and they can help. Often these suppliers have a lot of rebuilt diesel engines for you to choose from, and some may even offer Powerstroke engines for sale if you want to get that route.

If you want a custom diesel engine for your truck, you may want to have the shop rebuild your engine for you. The rebuilder can add the additional components to the engine to increase the power and torque for you, and the cost may be lower than buying a new engine, but will often be more than remanufactured diesel engines that are already complete and ready to go into the truck. 

Installing Your New Engine

While many people have the tools and knowledge to install an engine in their truck, if you are considering remanufactured diesel engines that come with warranties and replacement guarantees, you may be required to have the engine professionally installed.

If you choose to put the engine in yourself, you may forfeit the warranty. For this reason, and because a new engine can be very expensive, having a shop install the engine is often a better option.

Not only will the professional installation of your new remanufactured diesel engine save time, but it is also an excellent way to ensure that the engine is running right when you pick up the truck. Most shops will also offer a warranty on the installation, so if something does go wrong, you can take the truck back to the shop and have them fix it for you. 

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