Signs That It Might Be Time For A New Muffler On Your Car

Signs That It Might Be Time For A New Muffler On Your Car

28 December 2020
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The exhaust system on your car or truck is essential, and if there is a leak in the system or damage that has occurred, you may need to visit a muffler repair shop to have the system inspected. You may notice some things that will indicate a problem with the muffler and exhaust, and if you know how to decipher them, you can catch problems early.

Exhaust Odor In The Car

If you are driving your car and notice an exhaust odor in your vehicle, it should be a warning that the vehicle's exhaust system is leaking and needs to go into the muffler shop for a full exhaust system inspection. The leak in the system can often be from the muffler or other connections in the system, but it may not be evident until the technician gets under the car to check it. 

One thing you can look for is a dark, sooty residue where the exhaust is escaping from the system. If you see the residue buildup around the muffler's inlet or outlet, let the muffler repair shop know, and they will check the area while the car is in the shop. 

Loud Exhaust

A muffler that has developed a hole or has come loose from the exhaust system will often start to make a loud rumbling noise under the car. The noise is a good indication that there is a problem that needs immediate attention, so you should take your vehicle in as soon as you notice the change in the noise level. 

The muffler repair shop will often need to replace the muffler if there is a rust hole or damage to the muffler body. If the muffler has come loose from the exhaust pipes, it is sometimes possible to reattach the muffler, but only if it is free of any damage and the pipe that it is attached to is not rotted or broken.

Rattling Or Scraping Sounds

If the muffler or exhaust is loose under your vehicle, it can move around and make a lot of noise. The muffler can bang against the car's floor or frame, damaging the muffler and making a lot of noise in the vehicle. In most cases, the muffler moving around is a result of a hanger or mount that has come loose and is allowing the movement.

Installing a new hanger is possible most of the time, but if the hanger was a welded piece of the muffler, you might not be able to replace the hanger without replacing the entire muffler. If that is the case with your car, it is critical to get the right muffler so that it will fit in place without having to modify the system.  

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