What You Need To Know About A New Fender For Your Motorcycle

What You Need To Know About A New Fender For Your Motorcycle

25 August 2020
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Whether you drive a three-wheeled motorcycle or you travel in classic style, you should know when it's time to replace the fender. Whether you need a Slingshot fender for your Polaris or you need a fender for another brand of motorcycle, it's important to know when this necessity is needed.

What is a fender? Why would you need one? How much does a Slingshot fender, or other type of fender, cost? Here are signs you need a new fender for your motorcycle, along with other information you need.

What is a fender?

The fender is the part of the motorcycle that covers the wheel well area of the machine. The fender is what protects the motorcycle, along with other vehicles on the road, from the debris that gets flung from the moving machine. A fender can be customized, such as getting a customized Polaris Slingshot fender, or can be left in its original state as designed by the manufacturer.

Why do you need a fender on a motorcycle?

Not all motorcycles have fenders, but many three-wheel models do. A fender gives your motorcycle added protection and also makes it easier for you to operate your road-ready bike. Without a fender, you might have a vision obstruction when your motorcycle wheels throw water, dirt, mud, rocks, and other debris up into your face or on your windshield.

How much does a new fender cost?

Costs vary when it comes to getting a new fender for your motorcycle. Costs are dependent upon whether you want an aftermarket or original fender part, the make and model of the motorcycle you drive, and if you own a three-wheeled variety, such as a Polaris Slingshot fender need, or if you have a traditional two-wheeled motorcycle. To get an accurate estimate for your motorcycle replacement parts, speak to your auto parts supplier.

Signs you need a new fender

If your motorcycle fender is rusting, dented, warped, has missing parts, or is cracked, it's time to consider a replacement. If you have the fender painted to match your motorcycle, costs can be more, but if you have the fender delivered and installed in its original condition, you might save money on the costs. It's wise to replace the whole fender rather than try to glue or otherwise repair the fender for the best results in operating your motorcycle safely. A fender dealer, like Metricks LLC, will show you available fenders for sale so you can choose the one best for your needs.

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